Marathon Training Update! 4/22/2013

Two weeks to go and over $3000 donated --Over halfway there ($5k goal)!! Wahoo!!!!

Our training is also "over the hump" and on its way “down.”  With that said, today was a 12 mile run. 
Dear marathoner runners reading this:
 For those of us that are not marathon runners, 12 miles is still a long freakin run.

And for me, who has no sense of direction, it’s even longer.  1 mile longer, to be exact. 
This is the route I had mapped out to run.  Notice it is circular (ish – you need to use your imagination).

This…is the route I ended up running.
Not so circular, even with your imagination at work.
 It was pretty much an out and back (except for within the park because I got a second time during my return).  It’s hard to see in this image but miles 2, 3, 4, and 7 and 8, 9, 10 and most of 11 are all in Frick Park.  For those of you familiar with this park know at least one fact – it’s hilly.
You know the old saying“I walked 5 miles uphill get to school and 8 miles back –also up hill; in the snow.”  Ok, so no snow today (thankfully!!), but I kid you not, I have no idea how I did not end on a mountain top somewhere.  The run into frick was a half mile downhill, the next 2.5 were all uphill.  And somehow, I swear I’m not lying, I’m pretty confident I ran about 1/4 downhill and 3.5 uphill.    
I may not be a marathon runner, but I’ll have calves of steel by the time this is all over! (and um….only eight toenails.  TMI?  Too much info?  Yeah well, I’ve had some shoe issues.   J

Switching gears – I had hoped to publish a post called “I want J” tonight.  It’s a story about my mom in Fall of 2008 – while she was still physically fine but her communication skills and ability to understand/respond were deteriorating.  I hope it gives you a better sense of the day to day in the early stages and maybe even makes you laugh (maybe, no promises).

But after running 12  scratch that -13 miles – uphill both ways – I need another day to finalize “I want J.”  
But promise to have it up in the next 24 hours.

Also coming up:
  •    A beautifully written letter/eulogy by Pat Blahovec (friend and colleague of my mom).
  •     How mom got me out of speeding ticket
  •     A note from Elly – my sister-in-law whom lived with my mom and was her personal caregiver.
  •     Mom’s physical decline
  •     Time to talk science – Nanny, Mom and the genetics of our family’s FTD
  •      “Dreams about mom”
  •     Some more information on what the Bluefield Project and what your donations will contribute to.
  •      And a few more (that’s not a title – that’s just saying there will be a few more posts).
Even though the marathon is two weeks away, as long as you all are clicking on this page, we will be on the other side - telling mom’s story to the end.  The blog has been opened over 2,400 times and in ten countries.  My family and I cannot thank you all enough for sticking around, reading the posts, donating (and if you’ve been really thinking about donating but haven’t – that enticing button on the right will help ya out in a matter of 45 seconds).

Seriously though, thank you for all of your support and for sharing this with others as well.  My mom spent her life always giving; I’m not sure if she knew how to be the recipient of generosity, but I know she would have tears in her eyes and a swelling heart, just as mine is thanks to all of you.
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