Vesuvius - It’s the Final Countdown...We need YOU to reach our $10k goal. CLICK to read more and Donate

To the Top- For Their Thoughts. 

Can you help?
We are fighting for a cure for dementia* – WHY: for our current loved ones... for our future generations ... and heck, for us!! The reality, whether we like it or not, is everyday our odds of getting a brain degeneration disease is rising – but it doesn’t have to be.  So that’s why we’re here: To change course and run for their thoughts, for our thoughts

*Curious on what exactly is dementia?  (You're not alone!):  Common Dementias:  FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia) Pick’s Disease: ALS (Lewy Bodies) : Alzheimer’s : Parkinson’s : Vascular Dementia : Huntington’s Disease : Creutzfeldt-Jakob : etc...
NEXT UP: Vesuvius Race!!
Adults, kids and strollers:  26 in all.    This Sunday, 29 October. We will take on Mount Vesuvius - together - the infamous volcano 🌋 that took out Pompeii in a 2k, 5k and 10k UPHILL race to the top!
We are on home stretch to reach the milestone goal of $10,000 by my mother's birthday, 21 November and we have 3 events left:

  • 29 Oct - group run up Mt Vesuvio – 5 days away!
  • 12 Nov - Athens Marathon
  • 21 Nov - Back to Vesuvio for the final run of the season up the volcano that started this campaign.  

The numbers… YOUR IMPACT
  • $4,800 – what we’ve raised so far by 45 donors
  • 36 – runners that have joined in
  • 350 –miles ran
  • 106,000 feet in elevation climbed
  • 200 shares of the ForTheirThoughts campaign on social media
  • 8000 ForTheirThoughts video view

  • $10,000 – raised, by YOU in 2014 at Mary Hall Memorial ..
  • $1 MILLION – Federal government grant thanks to that $10k raised

Oh the Place WE have Gone,…
Alongside 35 others we’ll have huffed it up some amazing and crazy places!!! 
  • Mt Vesuvius, active volcano, Italy
  • Mt Etna, active volcano, Sicily
  • Mogrt , Slovenia
  • The treadmill at 7.5 grade for 5 miles (when Vesuvius was on fire)--- it was incredibly boring but I promised a weekly run and a weekly run is what you got.
  • Dolomites Sky Marathon ( up and over 8500ft, Italian Alps)
  • Path of Gods, Amalfi Coast
  • 15 flights of stairs, 7 times - Stairs in Bahrain Hotel (work trip)
The ultimate goal is $100,000.  Will I reach it?  I don't know...but it's too important to not try.

And so, that brings us to now…3 more events to try and reach the $10,000 milestone. From here, I’ll be taking a volcano running break for the winter to work with a team to better the business plan and bring the campaign back in the spring focused on you. 

YOUR stories. 
YOUR loved ones.  
YOUR runs.

(Please message me if you have advice or already know you want to dedicate a run to one of your loved ones)

But for now, I dedicate this phase to:

- Uncle Joe, currently diagnosed with FTD
- My grandmother, Margaret
- And my loving mother, Mary Hall 
- And to all the MILLIONS of caregivers dedicating their time and lives to their loved ones.

You will not be forgotten.  You're too important.  Our next generation is too important.  

Thank YOU, everyone. 

How to DONATE 
  1. DONATE online button
  2. Venmo- @4theirthoughts.  (avoids PayPal fees)
-please leave your email in the memo for a receipt. 
3. Directly on Bluefield Website:, Memo: "fortheirthoughts"
4.  And for those of you like my Dad – Check is always an option
Please mail a check or money order to:
The Bluefield Project to Cure Frontotemporal Dementia
637 Carolina St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Memo: ForTheirThoughts

All proceeds go directly to the leading Frontotemporal dementia researchers - Bluefield Project-- teaming with over 20 elite research institutes to accelerate toward a cure.