In Loving Memory of:

“Mom” Nov 21, 1951- March 13, 2013, diagnosed at 56
 “Nanny” June 13, 1928 – November 3, 2013, diagnosed at 79, a few months after her daughter


This Blog is dedicated to our mother, Mary Hall, and our grandmother, Margaret Flanagan “Nanny” and the millions of other care givers and loved ones that have been affected by Dementia. 
While Alzheimer’s is a well-known dementia, it is not the only kind.  Therefore, this blog was set up to bring awareness of another dementia, FTD, that often strikes a younger population (50s and 60s) and hopefully raise funds for a cure. 
Penny For Their Thoughts tells the story of Mary’s journey through Frontotemporal Dementia  (FTD).

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How the Blog Posts are Organized:

Each post tells a story about Mary.  The numbered Posts – Post 1, 2, 3…etc will take you through Mary’s journey in chronological order.  The other posts are stories or insight from loved ones and family members.  If you have story to share, whether it be about Mary, Margaret or a personal story about a loved one you know that has been effected, please feel free to email us (here) and we will be sure to share your story!

Where to Begin:

To read more, Post 1 is the best place to start.  Thanks for visiting!! 

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The Halls

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