A beautiful Eulogy written by Pat Blahovec - friend and colleague of Mary

The below letter was written by a good friend and colleague of Mary's.  Pat Blahovec (Mama B to me) sent this to the church and it was read by the priest at my mom's funeral.  We had no idea she had sent this and so we sat, eyes welling with tears, both stunned and grateful for her spot on recollection of my mom.  While Father Ken was reading it aloud, I whispered to my sister "I think she covered everything we have in the Eulogy, and maybe better, ha"  Christina smiled and nodded.   As daughters, it's easy for us to say how great our mom was--it's almost expected.  But to hear a close friend and colleague to my mom echo the same sentiments, touched everyone's hearts; she described perfectly Mary Hall's character  -- love through actions.   

Thank you Mama B for your beautiful homage to Mom and being her friend over the years.  

Mary Hall

Mary was the model mom for the neighborhood.  She did it all-and always willingly, humbly and with a smile.  She raised 5 children, attended all their school and sporting events.  Volunteered countless hours at the school, PTA and CCD functions.

Mary would arrive at a PTA meeting with one in a stroller, one on her hip, and 3 in tow.  She might have been a couple of minutes late (wonder why) but she was always there.  And always the first to volunteer for anything.  She was a good worker and obviously a good organizer.   She was part of a group of parents that would recycle newspapers and plastic as a fundraiser. There was a huge dumpster in the school parking lot, and there would be Mary -in the dumpster placing recycled items before school started.

Mary could do anything.  She could pull off a meal for 7 in a minute with one hand while helping with a school project with the other. She could fix everything.  Having lots of mouths to feed she sometimes had a car that was not always functioning well.  It was not unusual for her to pull off the road and add water to the radiator or work on the starter switch.  But the best was when she was in the Harrison Park Elementary School parking lot.  She had her van.  When she slid open the side door, it just kept going and fell off the track, resting in the parking lot.  Not too much for Mary, she fixed that too.  She said, “I’ll have to tell Dan about that.”  It didn’t even faze her!

When her children got a little older, she became the nurse at Harrison Park Elementary School.  Now she was the mother to 600--nothing  for Mary.  She cared for each one as if they were her own.  The kids loved Mary and sometimes she had to set limits on the “frequent flyers” who would rather be with Mary in the Health Room than in class.  Mary put her all into the job.  Her supervisor never even checked in on her work-no need, it was always done and then some.

Mary’s Catholic faith was very important to her.  She made sure her children were brought up in the Church.  She was active in their formation process at church and at home.  When the Hall family came to church-they needed a whole pew!  They sat in front and never left early!

I have missed Mary for several years.  She was my sounding board professionally and personally.  She touched countless lives and her service was Christ like.  Always for others, never for Mary.  She was a faithful servant, well done Mary.

I am so proud of how her family stepped up to help her during her illness.  Caring for her at home was not an easy task.  I truly don’t know how they did it, until it occurred to me that there was a little bit of Mary in each one of them.  That’s how they did it.

Pat Blahovec

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