~~A Note to the readers~~ - Marathon Update

Marathon Update - (from Betsy)

To all those reading this blog that run have ever run a marathon (including you, Heidi), or even considering running one:

You are insane.

Today I ran my first 20 miler.  Longest distance I’ve ever run in my life.  I will admit, the first 6-8 miles were enjoyable.  The first 4 were downhill, and then the next few were crossing over bridges downtown with breathtaking views.

And then I realized I was not even halfway through. 

In regards to preparation, I stuck to the script… I had a hearty chicken and pasta meal about 430pm the day before.  I drank plenty of water and got a solid night’s sleep.  I had toast, one egg and honey for breakfast with some tea.  I brought my camel back on the run along with jolly ranchers, cough drops (I’m fighting off a cold), and some very foul “energy” shots.  (I’m sorry, “berry” flavored is not a misconception, it’s a flat out lie.  Anything that claims “1666%” of your daily value of B12, no calories, and no sugar” screams – awful.  I’m pretty confident rubbing alcohol has a more pleasant flavor this “berry flavored” energy micro-shot (no, I have not tried rubbing alcohol, just trying to find a like product).

Oh, I also would like to note I dressed appropriately for the 38 degree run (despite the fact that it is technically Spring and nearly April).
I followed the script.  The run was long, tiring and not so sure any more about this “runners high” thing you all claim occurs on these long runs.
People say that if you can run 20, you can run 26.  I promise you, I was excited to stop at 20.  I watched my gps with intensity, willing it to count faster…19.95…19.96….19.99…20miles DONE!  STOP!
Mom – Heidi and I are running this for you.  We love you.  But I will graciously go back down to the half marathon next year.  I’m going the whole way for you this year, on Mother’s Day.  I know you’ll be there to help so I’ll keep training and get ready.
But I’m not gonna like it.
To the readers – anyone that is on the fence about donating, please help Heidi and I reach our goal and make these agonizing runs filled with rubbing alcohol shots disguised as “berry energy drinks” worth it.  Even 50cents will do.  Every penny counts. 
Thanks J
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